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Rits computer forensics

Rits is a wholly owned Irish company that was established in 1990. Our focus has always been the delivery of specialised security consulting services, to Irish and international organisations. We count Ireland's leading companies and Government departments among our clients. Internationally Rits works with many leading financial institutions and technology companies.

Rits Group

Rits GroupRits computer forensics are experts in digital forensics, forensic data recovery and electronic evidence discovery. We can analyse forensic data and recover digital evidence while preserving the integrity of the electronic evidence for discovery and trial.

We provide support and steer computer forensics investigations in a well-defined and controlled manner, from the early stages of an investigation right through to the final stages of expert witness support in court of law.

Building & Strengthening Your Case
Businesses are exposed to significant risks in terms of technology based criminal activity or inappropriate employee behaviour. eForensics involves the collection, preservation and analysis of evidence in such cases.

It is vital that organisations engage an Information Security expert once they become aware of a suspicious act. If a company does not follow the correct procedures throughout the investigation evidence may be deemed inadmissible at future proceedings.

As a leader in the Irish eForensics market, we have seen a large increase in the occurrence of computer-based crime in Ireland. Increasingly Irelands top companies are turning to our computer forensics experts to identify and collect evidence from systems, which they suspect have been used by malicious or criminal parties. We can help you to investigate serious violations of company rules or prepare for civil proceedings.

Our expert witnesses apply the necessary procedures to ensure evidence recovered complies with best practice. The most common issues facing our clients' organisations today include PBX fraud, inappropriate images including pornography, contract violation, IP theft and fraud.